What Drives Member Participation and What the Most Engaged Organizations Are Doing Differently: Interview with Anna Caraveli

By Beth Brodovsky

Listen to the interview and read about it on http://iriscreative.com/dp076/

What gets people to participate? What makes them feel genuinely connected to each other and their membership community?  These are the ultimate questions that determine an organization’s success.

Many associations are struggling, failing to understand what truly drives engagement and participation for their changed audiences. The truth is that in a fast-paced world of nearly unending choices available to consumers, businesses and non-profits alike, need to have a solid grasp of what exactly motivates, drives and engages their audiences and stakeholders in order to attract and retain them. 

 To delve into the minds of today’s members and uncover stories of success, my firm, Iris Creative Group, Inc., launched the Driving Participation Podcast series in May of 2014, and tapped thought leaders and practitioners with expertise in customer engagement. Weekly interviews have covered a variety of topics, from branding to marketing and fundraising communications, and showcased cases provided by nonprofit leaders and industry consultants on successful community engagement. 

 This week the show explores what it takes to engage and what the most engaged organizations are doing differently with Anna Caraveli. Anna’s new book, The Demand Perspective: Leading From the Outside, published by ASAE,  lays out a path for building an engaging, customer centric organization and provides a host of best practice cases and tools.  

 Listen to the interview to hear about key drivers of member engagement you cannot afford to miss and explore how engaging organizations. Find the link at http://iriscreative.com/dp076/, at the bottom of the page.




Beth Brodovsky is president of Iris Creative Group, Inc., a strategic membership communications firm





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