1. A different map of your economic landscape: value network mapping: map your markets in terms of the dynamics of today’s networked world that move and shape them. Gain novel clarity and discover some of the new bases for growth and competitiveness today that conventional competitive and market analysis cannot discern. Identify the strategic partners and allies that will help you increase your value and grow.
      2. A new model of customer value: re-invent your relationships with members/customers along the new customer value: Instead of sales pitches, campaigns and “engagement strategies,” create new opportunities for customers to derive direct benefit from your organization, for example, by improving their reputation with the customers’ own customers, co-venturing and co-developing.   Create a powerful new basis for customer relationships and explore new models of service, membership and profitability. Leverage the "new" customer value proposition as an avenue for rapid growth by unlocking untapped value in your members and other customers.
      3. “A Day in the Life: “new framework for designing new products, services & business lines that gets to the heart of your customers.  Don’t settle for marginality in your members’ lives. Instead of one-size-fit-all, isolated programs and products create value along dynamic continuums in customers’ lives that resonate with specific needs and experiences at different points of a continuum. Increase your value to entirely new levels by placing offerings and business initiative within real customer experiences in the course of a day, year, career stage or situations—in short, in dynamic rather than static contexts.    
      4. Constant customer engagement & connectivity: the fact that consumers today are constantly connected requires a different way of thinking about, designing and delivering products. It also presents an unprecedented opportunity for customer value and your organization’s growth, if you understand and learn how to leverage all possible points of knowledge delivery and connection that technology and informal experiences constantly provide: mobile devices, social networks, informal chats among members during breaks at a conference; interactions with their customers, etc. 
      5. A customer solutions orientation: in today’s environment, breakthrough innovators and market leaders have to go beyond satisfying customers, providing a distinctive experience, or even "delighting" them to succeed.  They have to view products, competencies and other sources of intangible value as raw assets that can be leveraged and configured in infinite ways to provide innovative and distinct customer solutions. Craft a new product development framework and identify new staff roles to enable your organization to reconfigure, repackage and deliver products and raw assets into constantly new solutions that make you indispensable to their critical needs.
      6. New motivating leadership model:  today’s fluid environments need fluid organizations: flexible, alert, constantly in sync with today’s customers who are moving targets and built to be constantly adapted and reconfigured.  Leaders have to figure out how to transition conventional, largely bureaucratic institutions into entrepreneurial, customer focused entities and how to exercise a new model of leadership; one based on motivating people, forging strategic relationships, developing capabilities and environments for innovation and growth.

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