Day in the Life Workshop

Day in the Life Workshop

A great way to start a transition from nice to have to indispensable is to bring together a key group of internal stakeholders (management team or other combination of key players) and enable them to begin a mind shift from inside-out to outside-in—from the organization’s to the customer’s perspective—and develop a new framework for member research and product development that can be applied immediately to deliver continuously relevant value. 

 Participants are helped in constructing scenarios of one day in the life of individual members to understand needs in the dynamic and changing contexts of day-to-day experiences, relationships, underlying motivations, pace of work and perceptions of problems and successes.  From this exercise, they extract value-based diagnostics they can apply to identify gaps between the association’s assumptions and practices and the way members behave and experience value; and conduct an exercise for re-imagining programs, services, existing models or a specific problem they are encountering from the “day-in-the-life” perspective they created. 

This workshop condenses the essential elements of a longer discovery process into one day to illustrate what it takes to move beyond member acquisition to true connection on the level that most matters; and how to translate deep member insight into programs, services and value propositions that resonate with stakeholder needs and drive them to business results.

Expanded Discovery and Development Workshops

For more in-depth understanding, staff development and concrete solutions, these workshops include a few additional days in which consultants and staff members (coached by consultants), conduct interviews with a sample of members from one or more target subgroups.


 Depending on the specific goals and scope of the workshop, results might include:

  •  Breakthroughs in your organization’s thinking about what truly matters to various types of stakeholders that will uncover a new basis for compelling value propositions and competitive advantage
  • Developing a core team of champions and mentors that can help usher larger changes.

  • Beginning to shift your organization’s focus from inside-out to outside-in; from your products and processes to the customer and market

  • Identifying value gaps and areas of major “disconnect” between association and members that may be root causes for other problems

  • Introducing your team to new principles of ethnographic research and developing their capabilities for market foresight and customer insight. 

  • Value-based metrics and diagnostic tools can be extracted and developed from the discovery process and applied to change the way you identify needs, opportunities, sources of value and modes of delivery. 

  • Exploration of different ways for creating and delivering value that will increase retention and revenue, such as forming interactive, member communities

  • Shifting your relationships with members from transactional to strategic and collaborative

  • Identifying new ways to design products, services and experiences

  • Shifting from standalone products to integrated solutions so that you can respond to the growing demand for solutions and accelerate growth.

  • Leveraging the intellectual capital and relationships networks of existing members as a growth avenue


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