Service Continuum Details

    1. Mapping from the outside-in
      • Demand & competitiveness index
        • Your current and ideal placement along a continuum from product to demand orientation
        • Demand gap analysis
        • Demand capability mapping
      • Customer value mapping
        • Customer’s relationships mapping and customer’s customer analysis
        • Customer success and value compass
        • Value and economic exchange and flow
        • Market focus:  your ideal positioning in customer’s value network
        •  Framing & Re-framing through the demand lens
          • Root cause analysis
          • Strategic intent  development and agreement
          • Re-framing challenges and focusing on priority root causes

       2.  Open, Deep Discovery

          • Ethnographic research
            • Collaborative stakeholder interviews
            • Spend a day in their shoes: participant observation
            • Social media behavior tracking
          •  Day in a Customer’s Life Immersion
            • Customer experience and scenario development: dynamic continuums of needs
            • What keeps your customer up at night?  Outside-In perception and experience of problems
            • Motivation analysis makes a customer “tick?” Member/customer profiles and cases
            • Customer connection and dissonance audit

      3. Understanding & developing people & relationships

          • Customer Connection & Value Continuum©: How well are you connecting with what matters the most to your customers and stakeholders? 
            • Customer/member value and engagement continuum

            • Grouping & categorizing your customers, members, stakeholders in terms of the value they perceive they get from your organization

            • Identifying most valuable customers

            • Member-customer development and retention pathways

          • Internal relationship, leadership, decision-making  mapping
            • Roles and responsibilities
            • Distributed leadership modeling
            • Cultural analysis
            • Innovation and growth hurdles
          • Partnership audit

            • Internal team work capabilities and practices

            • External partnerships and alliances mapping & development path  

      4. Delivering on the promise: building products and capabilities

          • Day-in-the-Life re-design
            •  Deconstructing and re-configuring products, services and benefits in terms of customers’ continuum of needs
            • Customer-driven value proposition
          •  Collaborative member development and testing communities
            • Concept development and prototype design
            • Testing and development
            • Roles & responsibilities



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