Customer/Member Alignment Workshops

The Concept

 To engage and retain customers today (members, champions, partners, clients and other stakeholders) and grow your business, you need to go beyond great programs and products to make a measurable difference to what most matters to them at any given time. And this requires a deeper, more precise and contextual understanding of customers and markets, as well as the ability to translate this understanding into strategic solutions to members’ problems and more collaborative relationships with them.  

It is the quality, purpose and development of your relationships rather than numbers or products alone that count the most.

This is why this approach is not just about new strategies and techniques. It is about alignment between your organization’s and its customers’ perspectives; and about building cultures, relationships and capabilities for continuous connection.  It is this type of alignment that will enable you to create or reconfigure your products in ways that resonate with needs as customers perceive them; discover hidden opportunities for growth that others miss; identify gaps that you can fill in unique ways, and possibilities for innovation that will set you apart from competition and strengthen the very basis of your competitive advantage.  

 The Approach

 To help you achieve this alignment, we use a four-pronged approach:


  1.  Understanding how your members, and not your association, perceive the world, experience challenges and define value through methods loosely based on participant observation.
  2. Applying the customer’s lens that emerges from the previous step to assess, from a fresh perspective, gaps and areas of “disconnect” with your members/customers and discern hidden value in your own assets and relationships.
  3. Reimagining your organization, programs, services, business/membership models and value proposition (depending on your needs) through the customers’ perspective; at the pace and in the context of their daily lives.    
  4. Re-examining and recasting relationships with your various stakeholder groups; and identifying the optimal points of connection with them—the points at which you can deliver the most value and make the greatest difference.

How you Might Work with us to Adapt this Approach to your Needs

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