Custom Solutions & Coaching

We customize workshops, usually combining them with interviews of key stakeholders and coaching, and focus them on a specific issue you want to address or solution you want to develop, for example:

  •  Collaborative, strategic thinking: debunking assumptions and mental habits that limit innovation and limit the horizon of possibility; delving into the way your customers think and define value and applying their perspective to prioritize challenges and engage in ideal design and prototype planning.
  • Product development/value delivery; customer relationship models. Review the way you currently provide value to members through products, benefits, services etc.; discern value gaps and identify new ways for creating and delivering compelling member value that resonates with what most matters.

  • Facilitated conversations and collaborations between staff and members:  identify challenge or goal around which shared purpose can be established and a constructive, collaborative dialogue can be structured between selected members and staff; help drive discussion to specific outcomes and set the foundation for a new, more strategic and collaborative relationship between an organization and its customers. 

  • Facilitated exploration of partnership options:  help in narrowing down partnership options and identifying highest value partners; interviews with one or two potential partners to identify value drivers from their perspective; conduct joint discovery and development workshop between organization and potential partner to identify potential basis of partnership and engage in prototype development.

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