Relationship and Engagement Strategy

Customized combinations of research, coaching, workshops and other tools and services to address specific challenges to your ability to get, retain and grow your pool of customers and stakeholders

Re-thinking and re-inventing relationships with members, chapters, partners and employees around collaboration and outcomes that have mutual value; forming value networks of key relationships and converting silo-driven organizations to collaborative, team-based systems, designed to deliver customer solutions.

 Research/Needs and Membership Value Assessment

 We employ ethnographic research/participant-observation, one-on-one interviews, staff/member co-development workshops and other tools to get to the heart of what truly matters to your members and stakeholders and what makes them “tick.”  We help you identify current levels of member engagement on the basis of value experienced along a continuum of value and engagement from nominal members to fully engaged, strategic members; and help you develop engagement and retention strategies for constantly moving members up the continuum. We help you determine relevant member groupings and subcategories and identify your most valuable members so that you can determine priorities and allocations. We identify the optimal points of connection with members and help you craft the right value propositions, and decide the product and benefits mix that will deliver the member outcomes that engage. We employ a collaborative discovery process to identify and eliminate any impediments to your growth.

New Model Design

We help you move beyond incremental improvements to identify and execute model-based innovation through analysis of breakthrough cases and small-scale experimentation.  Instead of coming up with new models internally and then trying to get customer buy-in, we engage staff, members and other stakeholders in prototyping and pilot testing ideas for new services, membership and business models on a small scale.

Executive Coaching

We help you gain clarity and focus; identify and prioritize key challenges and opportunities for a next level of growth; develop, hone and/or position your leadership philosophy; forge and manage strategic relationships on all levels; lead culture and organizational change; and build new capabilities for customer centricity and competitiveness.

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