Anna Caraveli, Ph.D

Anna Caraveli, PhD is Managing Partner of Connection Strategists, LLC, parent company of the Demand-Driven CEO

Anna has a passion for helping organizations resonate with today’s markets and consumers, and a long career as effective organizational change agent and transformation strategist.In a career of over 25 years, she has established a track record of successful results through re-design or enhancement of executive and professional education; new membership and service models; research, strategy and innovation; and converting concepts to execution.

As Director of the Smithsonian Campus on the Mall, she created and led to success this continuing and professional education division of the institution’s membership arm. In the course of five years, Campus on the Mall into one of the most innovative and financially successful educational and membership units of the Institution. She also identified and developed a number of innovative strategic partnerships that expanded the Smithsonian’s capabilities, for example with: the New York Times, Aspen Institution, the Wall Street Journal, Brookings Institution, think tanks, scientific organizations, professional and trade associations and universities. As a result, while gross revenue doubled in five years, net income grew five-fold.

As Director of Strategy and Development for Executive Education at the Brookings Institution in Washington DC., she opened new avenues for Brookings’ development within client companies.

Anna’ consulting career has spanned many sectors – both business and non-profits—but has largely focused on universities and associations. She was the architect of two new enterprises which helped the George Washington University launch: a new school, The College for Professional Studies; and a for-profit entity, GW Solutions. Other representative clients have included the New York Law School, the American Medical Informatics Association, the American Academy of Audiology, and Cemex Inc in Mexico.

Anna is a published writer and her research and concepts have been influential in the sectors in which she published. She has a PhD in Comparative Literature, with a secondary concentration in anthropology/ethnographic communication, from Binghamton.

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